The best email newsletter platform for companies

Audienceful combines the easy publishing experience of modern newsletter tools with powerful email marketing and automation features for your business.

Clean, branded emails by default. No more template hassles. 

Get the fast publishing experience of tools like Substack, Ghost and Revue, yet with the full control over branding and presentation. Your emails will feel custom, not like they come from a newsletter platform.
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“ much easier to use than Mailchimp. We’re finally publishing our company newsletter consistently now. Brilliant product!”

Matthew Kline, Product marketer
Notion-style block editor

Publish fast from an editor that feels like your favorite notes app.

Audienceful's Notion-inspired editor provides the best writing experience of any newsletter or email marketing platform.
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Managing multiple audiences

Segment users and customers from signups off your blog.

Create custom audiences, custom fields, and tags from a simple spreadsheet view. Easily sync customers from outside tools (eg. Stripe, Shopify, etc.) into your Audienceful newsletter using free tools like Zapier.
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The automation workflow builder

Create drip sequences, lead magnets, and more in seconds.

Our users consistently rate our marketing automation builder as the easiest to use. It's lightweight and minimal, perfect for setting up simple welcome sequences or email courses without needing a consultant.
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The Publisher

Cross-publish newsletters and blog posts to your Webflow site.

Audienceful now has native Webflow integration and publishing. This allows you to easily cross-post your newsletters, feature update emails, and more to dedicated collections on your Webflow site.
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Automate with
outside tools

Here’s just a few examples of the 1,000+ integrations you can enable natively or via a free Zapier account.

Get slack notifications

Get notified on new signups to your newsletter or waitlist in Audienceful

Add new Stripe customers

Sync customers from Stripe into your Audienceful newsletter

Add emails from survey responses

After someone fills out a survey and gives their email, sync it into Audienceful

Sync leads to/from your CRM

Automate sending leads to tools like Hubspot, Salesforce, and more

Send personal email from CEO

When you get a subscriber on a high-value page, send a personal email

Add customers from Shopify

After someone makes a purchase, sync their email address into Audienceful