The best email marketing & newsletter platform for Webflow

Audienceful is the only newsletter tool with native Webflow publishing, allowing you to cross-post content to both your email list and website at the same time.
Notion-style block editor

Write once. Publish everywhere. All from an editor that feels like your favorite notes app.

Audienceful gives you the integrated publishing experience of newsletter tools like Ghost, Substack and Revue while allowing you keep your website hosted on the much more powerful Webflow CMS.
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“...I've always wanted something like Ghost, but for Webflow. The way Audienceful solves this is fantastic.”

Matthew Kline, Product marketer

Minimalist, branded emails by default. No more template hassles. 

Traditional email marketing platforms make you spend hours building banner-ad style "campaigns" (hi, promotions tab!). With Audienceful, you just write and hit send. Your emails are automatically wrapped in mobile-first, dark-mode friendly templates your audience will love opening.
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The Publisher

Your new all-in-one content hub.

Audienceful can publish to any Webflow collection on any site. Manage all of your rich text content from one hub, easily organized by tags.

*Fun fact: we publish all of the content on this website with Audienceful.
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Managing multiple audiences

Segment users and customers from signups off your blog.

Create custom audiences, custom fields, and tags from a simple spreadsheet view. Easily sync customers from outside tools (eg. Stripe, Shopify, etc.) into your Audienceful newsletter using free tools like Zapier.
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The automation workflow builder

Create drip sequences, lead magnets, and more in seconds.

Audienceful is the fastest way to add email welcome sequences, lead magnets or email courses to your Webflow site. Simply add one line of code to your signup form, and go.
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Automate with
outside tools

Here’s just a few examples of the 1,000+ integrations you can enable natively or via a free Zapier account.

Get slack notifications

Get notified on new signups to your newsletter or waitlist in Audienceful

Add new Stripe customers

Sync customers from Stripe into your Audienceful newsletter

Add emails from survey responses

After someone fills out a survey and gives their email, sync it into Audienceful

Sync leads to/from your CRM

Automate sending leads to tools like Hubspot, Salesforce, and more

Send personal email from CEO

When you get a subscriber on a high-value page, send a personal email

Add customers from Shopify

After someone makes a purchase, sync their email address into Audienceful