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New: Deeper Email Analytics

November 21, 2023

One of our biggest requests at Audienceful has been more detailed data on your bulk email sends.

As of today, if you head to your home dashboard or the publisher, you can now click on any previous send to see a new full report view with all of your data! 🔥

Within these reports, we've unrolled a beta of something very cool to all of our Growth & Business Plan customers...

Introducing The Event Explorer

The Event Explorer now enables you to dive directly into the full event stream (ie. every individual data point) on your email sends. This enables some pretty powerful stuff, including:

  • Filter your audience by who clicked a specific link or performed a certain action (opened, bounced, complained, etc.) on your send
  • Export custom audiences based on your filters, and re-import those subscribers with tags for segmentation
  • Search by subscriber to pull up a list of all interactions with a given send. See if they opened, what links they clicked, how many times they clicked, and the date/time of each event.

Expect more on this front in the coming months.

Additional updates & bug fixes

  • To accomodate the new email reporting features, the publisher got a small design refresh for ease of use
  • Mailto: links are now allowed inside the editor
  • Button issues with the Automations version of the editor have been fixed and unified with the normal editor experience.
  • All issues with highlighting links in Chromium-based browsers has been fixed
  • And lots more!

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