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January 18, 2023

Introducing the Editor 2.0 ✍️

Our Editor has been rebuilt to be faster, more stable, and set the groundwork for workspaces (coming very soon). A few highlights:

  • The Publisher sidebar: now you can publish emails/posts and see how they perform without ever leaving the the editor.

  • Image pasting: You can now grab images from anywhere on the web (unsplash, DALL-E 2, etc.) and just copy/paste into the editor. No need to save locally and manually upload anymore.

  • More blocks, including Youtube! Youtube embeds work both on emails and website posts (in email we use the thumbnail and link it out to Youtube - better for spam filters).

  • Ease of use: a cleaner design, support for 1:1 pasting of blocks from apps like Notion, and more.

Updating for Webflow posts 📡

To celebrate our launch on Webflow's new app marketplace late last year, we wanted to ship a feature that's been highly requested: the update button for Webflow posts.

Accidentally publish something to Webflow with a typo? Easy, just click the update button in the publisher and the latest version of your draft will go live.

Also new for January

  • 📊 Detailed analytics for all: Starting now all plan levels will see spam complaints, soft/hard bounces, and individual per-link click analytics in the publisher for all emails sent.

  • 🤝 Custom fields and tags in Zapier: When syncing customers/subscribers from outside tools, you can now tag them and trigger automations based on those tags! This opens the door to using Audienceful as a replacement for traditionally expensive marketing automation platforms.

  • 🕳 Unsubscribed audience: We've moved unsubscribers to their own dedicated audience to make them easier to track

  • 👩🏻‍🎨 More email template customization: Our email template editor has been redesigned to accomadate many more features. Expect more on this front in the coming weeks 😉

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