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Introducing Email Themes

May 2, 2023

One of our biggest requests at Audienceful has been more control over how your emails look. We just released a big update that allows your emails to feel much more "designed."

First off, templates are now called Themes. Switching between themes allows you to quickly assume different identities, both visually as well as literally (with different sender names).

What you can do with Themes

Themes now give you control over the following:

  • Every color, every mode: You can customize the color of everything now. And not only that, you can set different color palettes independently for light and dark mode. Want to go all-black, even on light mode? Go for it!
  • Typography: Choose from 16 different system font stacks, and even mix different stacks for headings and body text. Shrink or increase type sizes and set custom weights for headings.
  • Buttons & corners: We've rebuilt buttons to be more bulletproof across email clients (with an option to go full-width now!), and you can also now set corner-radius to go square, round or circular.
  • Styling: hide/show draft title and date independently of each other, set full-width logos, and set canvas colors to wrap your emails in a container.

...And that's just the beginning. Expect more on this front in the coming weeks, married with some powerful new editor blocks we've been cooking up.

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