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Live Collaboration and Workspaces

May 3, 2023

Today Audienceful is taking a big leap forward in our evolution as an email platform. We're excited to announce the launch of Live Collaboration and Workspaces.

Now multiple people from your team can work together on the same newsletters, posts, and marketing emails in real-time. Just like Google Docs.

Live collaboration has been part of our vision for modernizing how companies do email marketing since day one, and we're proud to finally make it a reality!

The power of Workspaces

Workspaces enable some new superpowers we think you're going to love. Here's the key takeaways:

  • You now have a workspace. We've made you owner by default. You can add your company name and logo in Settings. Plans are associated with workspaces, so if you have a paid plan, its already setup on your workspace.
  • Start inviting live collaborators. If the person you invite doesn't have an Audienceful account yet, no worries. They'll be able to set one up for free, directly from the invite.
  • Create multiple workspaces. We know a lot of you agency owners and indiehackers will love this one. You can now create workspaces for all your businesses/clients—and still manage them from a single account. Each workspace can be on a different plan level (one free, one paid, etc.) with different collaborators and separate data.
  • Switch workspaces instantly. You can jump between all your businesses and clients in just one click. No more logging in-and-out of accounts.

New discounts for annual billing 🥂

In addition, to celebrate the launch of workspaces, we now offer a discounted annual billing option! This gives you between 10-20% off every year depending on plan level.

To switch to annual billing and get the discount, head to your plan settings and click the purple banner that says "Switch now."

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