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Custom fields, segmentation, tagging and more

October 27, 2022

Hello friends,

We just pushed live an update with tons of our most requested features and biggest bug fixes. We've also silently removed our waitlist and are now in open beta. Anyone can now create an account!

Introducing the People tab 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

Audienceful can now collect much more than just email addresses. The new People tab has support for unlimited customer data fields (name, phone, company name, etc...literally anything).

The best part? It's un-opinionated by default, so you can build your own data model. Custom fields can accept data from any Webflow form.

If you want to create a 100 field survey for subscribers with everything from "job title" to "favorite socialist deathcore metal band"...you can now.

Multiple audiences, tagging and segmentation 🏷

Inside the new People tab, you can now create multiple audiences based off of customer/subscriber attributes.

Audiences can be totally separate OR overlapping, and you can segment with tags or custom fields. When it's time to hit publish, you can decide exactly which audience will receive your email.

Editor improvements🛠

We've knocked out a bunch of bugs in the editor, made it faster, and have upgraded to a more Notion-style dropdown menu when creating new blocks.

This will set the stage for many more quality-of-life improvements we have coming down the pipe. 

Custom labeling for drafts👩‍🎤

We know many of you are using Audienceful to publish much more than newsletters and blogs now, and need more control over how you organize content.

You can now create custom labels to organize things however you'd like, and even choose your own emojis!

The new Settings hub ⚙️

To make room for upcoming automation features, we've combined all "set-and-forget" areas into a settings hub, accessible from any page.

This means if you're composing an email blast, and want to modify your template real quick, you can do so without leaving the editor.

Auto-tag new subscribers via import or Webflow forms 🏷

When adding forms to your Webflow site, you can now choose to auto-tag new subscribers. This means you can do powerful things like tag people based on what page they subscribed from, to see what they're interested in or what form is converting best.

...and we're still just getting started

Words cannot describe how excited we are to see a steady trickle of signups coming in daily, with many of you now paying to support our development. We cannot thank you enough for all the valuable feedback!

Expect Zapier support, drip sequences, automations, and more coming in the next few months. 🦾

-Kevin & Brian
Co-founders at Audienceful

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