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The API, Dark Mode and more

August 14, 2023

We've been hard at work on this one. We're excited to announce the Audienceful API is finally live!

Developers can now directly integrate Audienceful into any existing workflow or application. This opens up the possibility for some very powerful things. 🦾

Head to our new API documentation site for an in depth look at what you can do. You can also test out the API live.

Now with Dark Mode

We know a lot of you have patiently been awaiting this API release, so as a bonus, we wanted to throw in something else we know developers will love. If you head to Settings, you can now enable dark mode 🥷.

Also New

We've been hard at work tightening up the app—touching nearly every part of the experience. In addition to hundreds of small tweaks, here's a few of the bigger things we've quietly released:

  • 📈 Brand new dashboard: We've brought a whole host of analytics to your home view. You can now compare open / click rates between recent sends, view avg. overall engagement, and see exactly who's been interacting with your sends. We're looking to bring even more analytics to you, and have big plans for this soon.
  • 📊 Detailed person analytics: You can now view the recent activity, open rate, and click rate of each person in your audience individually. We're working to bring this data into the audience creator so you can send emails to your most engaged members.
  • 🤝 Update people through Zapier: When syncing customers and subscribers from outside tools, you can now update existing people with new data. This allows you to keep your list up to date or trigger new conditions for emails sequences.
  • 🖥️ A new signup URL generator: Our new signup URL generator allows both success and error redirects, and properly redirects back to your form when something does go wrong. We're bringing double opt-in options here soon!
  • 🤖 Automations rework: Previously, if you wanted to create an email sequence, the editor experience felt completly separate from creating normal drafts. We've unified that experience and all your drafts now live in a single place.
  • 🤓 A big performance upgrade: As we've been growing fast, its been rough on our servers dealing with tens of thousands of events coming in daily. We now handle all of these with ease and are set up for an even bigger future with our new event system.

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