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New template editor, custom domains and more

May 24, 2022

After testing with a tiny group, we're now ready to send many more invites. If you don't have one yet, expect an email soon!

Our own team has transitioned to using Audienceful (we wrote and sent you this email using it), and we now have multiple teams using the product daily.

Huge speed improvements

For those already in beta, you'll notice a ridiculous speed increase while using the tool compared to a few weeks ago.

We've completely reworked our backend and quadrupled resources, which is in some cases providing a 10X increase in UI responsiveness and task running.

New template editor

We just rebuilt our email template editor from the ground up to offer a live side-by-side email preview. You can now resize your logo, change your link and CTA colors, customize footers, send from custom email addresses, and more.

How we configured this template

Dark mode preview

Due to new OS defaults, just over 80% of mobile users are now using dark mode for at least some part of their day. 

Within the new template editor, you can now preview how your emails will look on light and dark mode across desktop/mobile in a single view.

Previewing dark mode

Custom domain support

We now have support for delivering emails from custom domains. This can help build a reputation for your domain with email providers.  Head to the new Settings tab to configure.

This feature is only available to paid plans for now, and we recommend only activating it once you are ready to send emails at regular intervals (eg. monthly, weekly, etc). Spam detectors can get suspicious about infrequent senders.

Send test emails

Before sending emails to your whole list, you can now send a test to personal email addresses to see how your content will look in subscriber inboxes.

Send a test right from the publisher

Other bug fixes/features

  • Images across both email/Webflow now support captions!    
  • Webflow publishing now only requires a title and rich text field (things like description, featured image, etc. are now optional)
  • Autosave issues in certain browsers are now fixed  

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