Email signup forms

Note: For Webflow users, we have a separate guide: Adding signup forms to Webflow sites

In this guide, we’ll walk through how to add signup forms to any website. 

If you’re using Wordpress or a website builder, it may be helpful to Google how to add custom code to your site before following this guide.

1. Grab your signup url

To send signups to Audienceful, you need your POST action url.

Find this in Settings > Signup forms.

Note: If you choose to add tags on subscribe, you’ll see &tagID=X added to the end of your url. Be sure to re-copy your url after adjusting.

2. Add a form to your site

Copy the form code below into your website. Be sure to insert your URL from the first step where it says INSERT-URL-HERE. 

Test your form to make sure it works.

3. Add your success page

After signup, we recommend directing customers to a 'success' or 'thank you' page on your website.

The reason is simple; a page redirect is easily tracked by your analytics tool. So by looking at the analytics for, you will see data about your email subscribers (their demographics, what page they signed up from, etc), segmented from other visitors.

To do this, add your success page url in Settings > Signup forms and click update.

Add custom fields [Optional] 

If you have custom fields you’d like to add to your form, use the snippet below.

Add your field ID in the three spots where it says INSERT-FIELD-ID. You can find your field IDs by going to People > Fields and clicking each gear icon.

Note: field type doesn't have to be 'text.' You can use anything supported by HTML (dropdown, checkbox, etc).

See a full list of field types here.

Need help?

If you’re having trouble adding forms to your site, email and we’ll get you set up!

February 1, 2024
Published via Audienceful