How to Receive Replies to Your Newsletter and Marketing Emails

By default, Audienceful routes all replies to your marketing emails back to the address you're sending from. This is the optimal user experience for your customers, your deliverability, and indicates you're a responsible sender.

1. Make sure you're sending from your domain

First, ensure you're sending from a custom domain.

This way your responses will be routed to the inbox provider you use for your domain.

2. Setup an inbox at the email address you send from

If you send your newsletter from "," all you need to do is setup an inbox for that email address with your email host (eg. Google Workspace, Microsoft 365, Zoho, etc.).

If you're using a subdomain, you may need to configure the subdomain to use your inbox provider's email hosting as well.

Avoid sending from a noreply email address

Noreply email addresses are generally considered bad practice these days, provide a poor user experience and can damage your deliverability.

More about this here: Why you should avoid sending from a noreply email

February 3, 2024
Published via Audienceful