Setup Webflow publishing

Audienceful is the fastest way to blog and publish SEO content to Webflow and offers a superior, notion-inspired writing interface.

You can connect any collection on any site for publishing.

1. Click "Website" in the sidebar

Once in the Website tab, click the "Connect new" button.

2. Connect your Webflow account

Audienceful will direct you to Webflow to authorize API access.

Make sure you check the box next to all sites you'd like to Audienceful to publish to. If you don't check any boxes, we won't be able to publish anything.

Click authorize to be redirected back to Audienceful.

3. Now, select the site and collection

Your Webflow site will need to be on a CMS plan and have at least one collection set up to enable publishing.

If you don't have a collection set up yet, learn how by following this Webflow guide.

4. Last step, align fields

Don't worry if you have more fields than us. This is expected. We dynamically allow you to fill additional fields when publishing.

Here's an example alignment for a blog collection (you may have named your fields differently):

NOTE: make sure not to confuse a "Featured?" field with the "Featured image" field. The "Featured?" field doesn't require aligning, since we dynamically allow you to fill it when publishing.

This part can be tricky for some, so feel free to contact support for help. We can even do all the work for you!

January 29, 2024
Published via Audienceful