All about Tags in Audienceful

Tags are one of the easiest ways to mark subscribers for custom audiences and segmentation.

Creating, adding and updating tags

From the People tab, click on any subscriber and you'll see the tags dropdown. Start typing in it, and the option to create a tag will appear.

Once you've created a tag, you can change its name and color by clicking the 3 dots next to any tag in the dropdown.

Applying tags to multiple people

If you'd like to apply tags to multiple people (manually), select multiple records in the People tab by using the checkboxes on the left.

A bulk action popup will appear. From here you can apply tags to all of the poeple you have selected.

Bulk tagging via Audience filters

If you'd like to tag everyone matching a specific filter, simply create a new audience, and then click on that audience.

From the filtered Audience view, click the top left checkbox.

This will select all people in that Audience, and give you a bulk action popup to allow you to tag them.

Bulk tagging via CSV import

Another clever way to apply tags in bulk is via CSV import.

Since Audienceful does not allow duplicate records with the same email address, you can apply tags by simply by re-uploading a list of people.

Any additional tags will be appended to people with the email addresses you're uploading.

Auto-tagging subscribers via forms

Any time you create a form in Audienceful, you'll see the option to setup auto-tagging.

This means any subscriber entering through that specific form will recieve the tags you specified, automatically.

Tagging via the API

You can also tag subscribers via the API using the Update Person method, more information in our API documentation here.

February 1, 2024
Published via Audienceful