Quickstart guide

Welcome to Audienceful! 👋 We're super excited to have you aboard.

So you've just created a free account. What next?

Here's the steps you need to take to dial-in the perfect email marketing setup for your business.

  1. 📥 Import your email list: If you're migrating from another platform, google the phrase Export CSV from [email platform]. Once you have the email list in CSV format, head to Audienceful's People tab and upload it. More info here.
  2. 🌐 Connect your domain: If you want to send emails from an address at your domain (eg., head to Settings > Custom Domain. This can be tricky to setup if you're never heard the letters "DNS" before. Here's a dummy-proof guide.
  3. 🗣️ Add signup forms to your website: if you aren't collecting email signups on your site yet, its time to start! Here's how to setup forms. Extra Credit: the pros tend to setup slack notifications via Zapier so they know every time someone new subscribes.
  4. 🎨 Setup your theme & sending identity: you can manage both your sending identity and the visual appearance of your emails (branding, colors, fonts, styling, etc) by heading to Settings > Email Themes.
  5. 📨 Create and send your first email: you're now good to go. Head to the editor and start building relationships with subscribers!
  6. 🦾 Setup your first automation: Want to take things to the next level? For your first automation, we recommend starting with an easy welcome sequence. Welcome emails typically get the highest engagement, take advantage!

Congratulations, you're officially an email marketer! 🥂

February 1, 2024
Published via Audienceful