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Send from a custom domain

By default, Audienceful sends emails from

This is great if you are just starting out, since you can borrow our domain authority and reputation while building yours.

If you don't have time to send emails to your list at a regular interval, we recommend leaving this as-is for better open rates.

However, once you're ready to send emails on a consistent schedule, shifting to your own domain is a great way to look professional and start building your own authority with inbox providers. Here's how:

1. Go to the Settings tab in the sidebar

Then click the Custom domains tab next to account. Click the Add domain button to begin.

2. Enter your domain

You can send emails from your main domain ( or a subdomain (like

For most people we actually recommend the subdomain option (eg. This leaves your base domain reputation for personal emails coming from employees vs. mass marketing emails.

Click Next step when done.

3. Add DNS records to verify you own the domain

Go to the DNS provider for your domain and add the unique records we generated based on the domain you entered.

Your DNS provider or domain registrar should have a guide for how to do this if you're having trouble.

This step can be tricky if you haven't done it before. Feel free to contact us if you're having trouble, we can get you set up ASAP.


DNS is part of the 1980s backbone to how the internet works, and depending on your ISP, changes may take a while to "propagate."

If you're sure the records were added correctly, but they still aren't verified, try coming back in 24-48 hours to verify again.

May 2, 2022
Published via Audienceful