How to Require Double Opt-in When Adding Email Subscribers

Double Opt-in is a great way to make sure you get the highest engagement from your list.

It requires subscribers to click a button in an email (eg. "I confirm my subscription to this email list") before they will be added to your list. If they don't click the button, they don't get added.

Is double opt-in right for my list?

While it may lower your conversion rates overall, double opt-in can prevent spambots, invalid emails, typos, bounces, and low-engagement signups from polluting your email list.

Whether or not this is the right decision for your business depends on a number of factors beyond the scope of this article. If you choose not to do double opt-in, we recommend implementing some of our other methods for preventing spambots instead.

How to enable double opt-in on forms

When creating or editing a form in Audienceful, simply click the checkbox next to "Require Double Opt-in?" and click save.

Your selection will now apply instantly to anybody entering that specific form. It only applies to that specific form, so you can have different opt-in procedures on different forms.

How to enable double opt-in via the API

You can also enable double opt-in when adding subscribers via the API using the Create Person method. More information in our API docs.

How to customize your double opt-in email

By default, we use generic language that will apply to any type of list.

However, if you want to customize the email theme and copy used in the double opt-in email, head to Settings > Forms and click the Double Opt-in tab.

Is double opt-in required for GDPR?

This is a common misconception. GDPR does not require double opt-in for email marketing.

The main point of GDPR as it relates to email marketing is that the user is required to give explicit consent for the types of emails you are sending. So if your signup form says:

"Sign up to recieve weekly marketing tips"

...And all you send is a weekly marketing tips newsletter, you do not need a second opt-in. The user has already given consent (by explicitly signing up for what you send).

However, if you then decide to start emailing them weekly Webinars from your sales team, you need to get explicit consent for those. Again, double opt-in would not be relevant or neccessary in that instance either.

February 4, 2024
Published via Audienceful