How to import your email list

If you have an existing list of email subscribers on another service, importing them for use in Audienceful is easy.

1. Export the list from your current provider

Download your existing email list as a .csv file. Here's guides for how to export contacts from some popular providers:

If your provider isn't listed above don't worry, a guide exists. Search google for the phrase "export email subscriber list .csv from [provider]"

2. Head to the People tab

Once you have your list exported from your current provider, login to your Audienceful account and click the People tab.

3. Upload your .csv and map fields

Click the Add button and select "import from .csv."

After your file uploads, you'll need to map the columns in your spreadsheet to the fields you have in Audienceful.

For any fields that don't exist yet, you have two options. You can either create a custom field for this data in Audienceful, or leave it blank and we will skip over that field on import.

Once you're done mapping fields, scroll down and click "Import."

That's it! Your data will begin uploading.

Note: If you have large list, the upload may take a while to process. Feel free to leave the People tab at any time, your upload will continue in the background.

January 29, 2024
Published via Audienceful