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Customize email templates

Audienceful takes a different approach to email marketing, allowing you to publish directly from a minimalist writing interface.

No more writing copy in an outside tool, and then copy/pasting line-by-line into a separate clunky "email campaign" builder that bloats your emails with bad HTML.

A high deliverability newsletter-style template is setup by default. To customize it or create additional templates:

1. Go to the Templates tab in the sidebar

Then click the Configure button next to the existing template.

2. Add your logo, colors, footers and more

Head to the Templates tab in the sidebar. Click the Configure button on the Newsletter template we've provided by default.

NOTE: the content between the header/logo and footer is shown for example only. Your content will be dynamically inserted into this section when sending.

3. Create more templates

If you'd like, you can create additional templates for other types of emails you send. For example, you could have a "Product updates" email series with a different logo, header, footer and sending address.

When inside the Templates tab, just click the New Template button. You'll be able to select which template to use any time you're publishing a draft.

May 2, 2022
Published via Audienceful