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Publishing content

When you're ready to send a draft into the world, click the Publisher button in the top right of the editor.

The publisher allows you to publish drafts to one or multiple locations at once by scheduling tasks.

Adding tasks

There's 3 types of tasks you can schedule in the publisher:

  • Send as email: This will send the draft to your email list, using a template of your choosing, at a given time.
  • Publish to website: This publishes your draft as a Webflow collection item. You must connect your Webflow collections to Audienceful enable this feature.
  • Share on social: This will share your website post to one or multiple social accounts at once. Note: you first need to schedule a website publishing task to do this, otherwise we'll have no link to share!

You can add unlimited tasks for each piece of content at any time. This can be useful for periodically re-sharing content to your social channels to increase traffic.

The timeline

Each draft has its own publisher timeline. After scheduling tasks, check back later to see how they performed in one place (example below):

Completed tasks and their analytics appear on a chronological timeline. Pending tasks appear at the top of the list and can be modified any time before scheduled execution.

October 22, 2022
Published via Audienceful