Using the editor

The editor is your new home for all email/content marketing work.

It's designed to feel like using a modern notes app, instead of a traditional email campaign builder or website CMS. This allows you to focus on writing, without getting bogged down in platform-specific formatting.

Create your first draft

Click the + icon next to "content" in the sidebar to create a draft.

Each draft has two parts by default, a Title and Body section. The Body of your draft is infinitely expandable, similar to a Notion or Evernote doc. Start typing to add paragraph blocks or click the + icon to add headers, images, links, embeds, etc.

In addition to Title and Body, you can add the following optional fields:

  • Description: This can become your email preheader or Webflow summary/description when publishing.
  • Featured image: If used, the featured image will appear at the top of your email or in the Webflow featured image field when published.

Don't worry if your content requires even more fields, we dynamically detect them via API and allow you to fill additional fields when publishing!

Organize your content with labels

You can organize the different types of content you create using labels. Labels aren't public facing, so use them however you'd like. Each label used will appear as a shortcut in the sidebar.

Here's the labels our team uses to organize all of our marketing content:

February 1, 2024
Published via Audienceful