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What is Audienceful?

Audienceful makes marketing on the internet easy again. It can publish cross-platform, centralize data and replace multiple tools:

  • It’s your new favorite ✍🏻 writing app for content
  • It’s a next-gen ✉️ email marketing and newsletter platform
  • It’s a faster way to blog and publish to  🌎 Webflow sites

Run marketing from a single tool

What makes Audienceful so powerful is our Unified Content Model. It will save you thousands of hours over the life of your business.

The idea is simple. As you grow 🚀, so does the volume and variety of things you publish. And all of that content—email blasts, newsletters, blog posts, job listings, feature updates, help docs, etc—ends up siloed across 20 different bloated tools, platforms and accounts. 😫

By unifying everything from the start with one tool and process, you gain massive efficiencies in how fast your marketing flywheel runs, and can automate everything with powerful rules.

July 6, 2023
Published via Audienceful